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Student Recognition


The Belmont Blast has a New Look!!!

Joe Huerta is a student in the Desktop Publishing class at AFOC.  After dealing with and overcoming life obstacles, Joe decided to return to school to learn computer operations and enhance his graphic abilities in April 2013. Joe says that AFOC provided him with excellent hands on training that expanded his skills set through the use of state-of-the-art-technology.  Ms. Brodie, his instructor, is a great support and a strong influence on Joe’s art; he appreciates her guidance.

Joe is an asset to our school community, especially AFOC, where he has created several designs that are posted throughout the school. He created the Photovoltaic Banner that hangs on the corner of Venice and Hill Street. He also designed the graduate mural that is mounted in the cafeteria. When asked to create a new Mast Head for our Belmont Blast, Weekly Bulletin, Joe came up with a classic image for all of us to enjoy.  He is also responsible for the beautiful work done on the AFOC stairwell.  Joe Huerta is a true visionary who brought his passion to the classroom and, in turn, has inspired others to pursue their passions!

New Belmont Blast



New School Logo


Banner in Cafeteria


Stairwell Graphics starting from the 1st Floor to the 10th Floor was a group effort with his fellow Graphic Arts students.