"We Are DACE" --- Pathway to Success!!!

Please watch this short video --- an exciting and informative "Pathway to Success!" --- full of good information --- We Are DACE...

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Construction class

Student shows her work

ESL students

AFOC trains students to become employable and productive citizens

Our teachers and advisors... serving the community!

Learning new skills!

Automotive program

The classroom... where learning and teaching happen every day!

Offering the IET program to accelerate student learning...

ESL/Citizenship students using iPads

Second floor

Cosmetology class

Our teacher and students...

Our teachers... focusing on student learning!

Our amazing staff: Anayeli, Tase and Carmen

Teacher and student working together...

Teaching and learning in the classroom!

AFOC's students get trained to become employable and productive citizens

Mid-City Campus

Our teachers... helping our students forge a better future!

Students learn how to access information on computers

CTE teachers working on Schoology

Students in the cafeteria

A new citizen! A brighter future!

Construction students

Mr. Wehbe's class

Our teacher...

Student council meeting... voices at AFOC!

Mr. Gumucio at the Spring Staff Meeting

Auto Tech Class

HiSET in Spanish

Ms. Brodie and Ms. Bankole... our teachers!

Cosmetology class: Ms. Blanco and Mr. Hughey... teaching and learning! The IET program...

Do you want to become an electrician?

Our faces... Our students!

Do you want to have a haircut? Come to the second floor

ESL students using technology

Auto Tech Class

Our faces...our students... our school... our community!

Black History Month

Some members of our AFOC  team! Go AFOC!

The cafeteria is on the 3rd floor...

Support Adult Education!

Our students... new skills... new opportunities!

Our teachers... our faces!

Our students... our stars!

Graduation 2017...

HVAC class

HVAC class

Offering the opportunity to have a brighter future...


Adult Education Week

Our students are agents of change in the community. They are learning new skills, becoming employable and global citizens.

Adult Education Week!

Voices At AFOC! Students are sharing their stories. AFOC offers pathways to build new careers through a high quality education program.


Read and share our students' stories. They are the voices at our school and the agents of change in the community. Adult Education is changing people's lives!

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Spring Break
Date: 3/26/2018